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Why chose me for the vintage house you're thinking of buying?

Well, because I love them; I really do. They've got character and class. Craftsmanship abounds. The materials are beautiful and just can't be found today.  This means you'll have an inspector who actually cares about his client and your choice of a vintage home, and who can appreciate your love of true quality (don't know about you, but I tend to do better work when I'm doing something I love).  

Older houses also have some quirks like obsolete and dangerous electrical wiring, asbestos, and other scary stuff that you'll want to know about. Finding out about them after you move in could easily cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

I love these old houses so much that I've collected hundreds of books and magazines from the 1930's and earlier; old plumbing supply catalogs, old electrical books, and old carpentry books. I've learned a lot about old houses from these books, and I'll put that knowledge to work for you.

Below is a report for a house built in 1902 that I recently inspected. The house was *cute*, but it certainly had many, many issues the buyer was grateful that I identified.

Click For A Sample Vintage House Report

My years of experience will pay off for you.

I've seen more.  I know more.  I do more.